Create a safe and secure environment

Create a safe and secure environment where your child can grow like a flower in fertile soil.  Your house should not be a showcase but a tool to raise a healthy family.  Think twice about white carpeting and expensive furniture.  Durability is the key.

Children need to see love demonstrated between husband and wife.  Be affectionate and say the words,”I love you,” often.  Look forward to everyday you have with your children.  They grow up so quickly.  Cherish each day you have to help form their character and develop their talents.  Don’t be anxious for the empty nest—-children know when they are not wanted. You are in partnership with God performing this task. ‘Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. “Proverbs  22:6. Instill creativity in the realm of safety.  My grandson Elliot (6) and granddaughter Natalie (4) spent the night.  They loved their night-light and I warned them of the danger of having the light close to the bedspread.  Elliot the next day put the lamp right on the bedspread and put a hole in it.  It could have caused a fire if I hadn’t checked on them often.  Their curiosity can be a wonderful or dangerous attribute.

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How to Create Kreative Kids?

How would you like to have great kids?

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